Access a wide range of ebooks, magazines and newspapers via our eBook API / OPDS Catalog
eBook API / OPDS Catalog

SamEnrico supports theĀ OPDS standard. To quickly browse, search and download magazines, newspapers and ebooks from SamEnrico, within your chosen reading application.

Install our eBook API / OPDS Catalogs

About eBook API / OPDS Catalogs

We have built several OPDS catalogs to enable you to access our entire library of publications directly through reader applications such as Aldiko, Moon+ Reader, Cool Reader, FBReader, EBookDroid and Mantano Reader which support the OPDS feature.

On the right hand side of this page, there are a few reader apps that you can download and install our catalog on, if not already present.

Add either of the links below to your reader's applications library

OPDS With links included in description

For all websites & readers =

OPDS Without links included in description

For FBReader & websites =

Reading Applications that support OPDS

The applications below support our OPDS catalog. You can download them from the following links below.


Android ereader applications

moon reader

cool reader
mantano reader