All in One Pay-Per-View Content Media Channel


Our Newsstand


SamEnrico not only sells digital publications on an individual basis but offers a subscription model, which lets users and readers access a wide range of publications at a set price for a period of one month which recurs until canceled.


Media Network


Connecting brands, publishers and personalities with fans and readers is something SamEnrico strongly continues to work to achieve at a high level. We believe by building a platform where users of our network can communicate and catch up on news stories published in a newspaper or magazine about their favorite personalities or brands via "taggable words" or "associated mentions" is what will make us standout from any other traditional media outlet.


Publishing Platform


SamEnrico as a publishing platform provides authors, publishers, personalities and brands with tools to create downloadable content and publications ready for sale to readers and subscribers within its network via a easy to use publishing platform.




Our distribution channels reach millions of online and mobile device owners in ways that allow users/readers to quickly access content via a simple navigational structure that can be followed with one hand.


We currently distribute content to users/readers in the following ways:

Our Publication


The SamEnrico News-Magazine will be launched with a monthly print circulation figure of 1 Million copies and made available for free at selected locations nationwide and be distributed to its 20,000+ strong E-subscriber/member database in epub format.


SamEnrico will cover various topics in the publication such as professional and social related content on people, business, brands, property, ebook extracts, lists, travel, luxury, food & wine, features, fashion, events, lifestyle and stories from partners who will also be showcasing content for download and subscription on SamEnrico's online pay-per-view media channel (


Financial content will be made available by its sister company "484Group", which currently sits as a major hub for financial related news and profile information on the industries top key players - So expect big wigs all over this.


The publications main focus will be to engage the worlds influential smart phone and mobile device users with its online platform, providing them with more content options as we believes mobile digital content is a sure way to keep readers highly entertained and updated while on the move.