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Read Back Issues

Read back issues of magazines and newspapers that are currently out of circulation.

Access Your Publications Anywhere

Access your purchased publications on any devices once purchased by logging to your shelf space.

In-App-Purchase Facilities

Purchase publications on the go from within any of SamEnrico's mobile app's.

Read Publications Offline

Your purchased publications are stored in the app's shelf space allowing you read them in offline mode.

Dedicated Shelf Space

All your purchased publication are stored permanently for you to access anytime and via your dedicated shelf space.

Import Your Own Publications

Upload your own publications to read on the app or to store within your shelf space.

Preview Publications

Preview any publication before you buy, giving you assurance that you have found the right one.


How to submit an article or content to publications on SamEnrico

1. Select the type of publication you intend to submit your article or content too. (Magazine, Newspaper or Ebook)

2. Choose the publication you wish to place your article or content within. (Click on the "orange" tab to select between publications titles)

3. Decide on the category your article will belong to, complete the rest of the form and click "Add Content". (Example: Content about clothing will go under the category 'fashion')

Please do not submit a standard press release as it will be rejected, refer to our guidelines: Magazines

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my purchases from other retailers show up?

Your purchases from other retailers will not show up in your shelf space because you did not purchase them published directly with SamEnrico. If you have your receipt number, you can send this to us with the date you purchased the publication(s) and we will add it to your shelf space for you.

Can I upload my own publications into my shelf space?

At this stage, you cannot upload your publications but we will be soon updating our application to allow you to upload any of your publications that you hold in ePub, PDF and many other formats for easy reading on the go.

How does it work when I subscribe to a publication?

When you subscribe to a particular publication I.e. 1 month, depending on the publishing frequency, you will receive that publications next issue for the duration of the subscription you have paid for.

How much can I earn from contributing to a publication?

You can receive as much as a %5 royalty of the "Cover Price" on any publication sold with your article present.

Royalty example: If a "Magazine or Newspaper" is priced at $4.99 and 10000 copies are sold with your article included, you will automatically earn $1510

How do I sell my own publications on SamEnrico

If you are interested in selling your publication(s) on with SamEnrico, you will need to sign up as a author or publisher. You will then be provided with a publishing account, allowing you create publication(s) that can be sold via any of SamEnrico's app's and distribution outlets.

Where else are publications produced on SamEnrico sold?

SamEnrico distributes publications produced on it's platform to third party retails outlets at the copyright holders request. This is done in order to further expose writers, publishers and authors material to a larger audience of digital readers.

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Welcome to SamEnrico

Looking for great new exciting Magazines, Newspapers and EBooks you can read on the go, well you have stumbled into the right place. SamEnrico publishes over 50000 digital publications a year covering anything from lifestyle to educational content in-collaboration with renowned writers, journalists and authors.

Our publications are accessible across a wide range of devices including app's, mobile phones, ereaders and tablets as well as being sold on hundreds of online retails outlets across the internet.

If you are a writer, journalist or author; SamEnrico can provide you with an extra revenue stream and give you the exposure you deserve and require to move forward in your field... Click here for more information

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Book Publishing Imprints

The "How To" imprint focuses on the beginners guide market, helping people follow the path they choose weither it's is a hobbie or profession.

"How To" Books Founded 2014

The Scholar Imprint focuses on providing educational books to sub-saharan african countries.

Scholar Books Founded 2014

The 484 Business imprint is the publishing arm of 484 Group that specializes in business directories and analytical lists.

484 Businesses Books Founded 2014

The Tech-Star imprint focuses on bring technology related books to individuals who are in positions of providing services to clients and customers.

Tech-Star Books Founded 2014

The 10Best imprint publishes books that focus on collating the 10 most promising ways to get things done relating to the subject matter of the publication.

10Best Books Founded 2014

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